Rental Opportunities


Band Rehearsals - reserve Hidden Creek Music as your rehearsal space. Sound system included. Drums, digital piano, and bass/guitar amps available for a nominal fee. Optional multi-track recording of your entire rehearsal available upon request. Take the raw tracks, have us do a quick and dirty mix for your reference, or use the good stuff as the starting point for a full recording project.


Special Events - take over Hidden Creek Music for your next special event! Setup the room to suit your needs. Our cozy unique atmosphere, flexible seating, A/V system with pristine sound, mood lighting, and flexible/affordable rates are sure to make your next event one of a kind!



  • Peaceful, retreat-like setting

  • Convenient location off Hwy 100 near the Loveless Cafe

  • Cool & unique vibe

  • Seating for 50

  • Free off-road parking

Gear available for use:

  • Full A/V and live sound system

  • Gretch Renown Maple 4 piece drum kit

    • Pork Pie Big Black snare

    • Zildjian cymbals

  • Fender Rumble 40 bass amp

  • Fender Mustang GT100 guitar amp

  • Yamaha P45 digital piano

  • M-Audio Oxygen49 midi keyboard