This isn’t a business to us. This is about making music.

High quality and flexible recording in a comfortable, inspiring, retreat-like setting. No pressure, no judgment, and no right or wrong way to approach making your music.

Engineers Adam Redfearn and Kevin Grenier provide full production, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering services. Songwriting collaboration and vocal/instrumental session work also available for no extra charge. Our desire is to provide a relaxing & collaborative environment that inspires creativity and makes the whole experience enjoyable for you from start to finish, while producing top quality results that you will be proud to share with the world. This isn’t a business to us, it's about making music. We want to partner with you to bring your songs to life!



  • $45/hr

  • 6+ hour blocks, $40/hr

Included in rate:

  • Production

  • Recording

  • Mixing & editing

  • Mastering

  • Use of house gear

  • Ample off-street parking

  • Lounge and space for guests

Instruments/gear available for use:

  • Gretch Renown Maple 4 piece drum kit

    • Pork Pie Big Black snare

    • Zildjian cymbals

  • Fender Rumble 40 bass amp

  • Fender Mustang GT100 guitar amp

  • Yamaha P45 digital piano

  • M-Audio Oxygen49 midi keyboard



We had one of the best recording sessions with these guys! They literally know what they are doing and how to make you feel comfortable in what some would say would be an intimidating environment. They greeted us with a good sense of humor and the professional attitude they showed us was awesome. Not to mention the demo sounds fantastic! Reallyyyy good job guys thanks so much! We had a great time.
— B.J.
Made some Demos with Kevin. Very easy to work with, great pricing, and atmosphere.
— E.J.
Wonderful space to record, great for bands and for solo acts. Great sounding room, tons of great mics Kevin and Angie are welcoming and super kind, A+
— M.M.